Capitol Partners

Capitol Partners offers comprehensive government relations consulting services. Relying on extensive public service and political backgrounds, key relationships made with Arkansas decision makers, and a familiarity with new media and communications, Capitol Partners helps clients shape public opinion, formulate new policy and create relationships.

Our experience working within state and federal government, combined with our years of operating intimately with legislative and regulatory bodies, enable us to develop and execute strategic plans to implement your company’s public policy objectives. We not only stay on top of issues affecting your business, we keep you apprised of what’s on the horizon and build the foundation for your company to continue moving seamlessly in the legislative arena.

What We Can Do for You

Capitol Partners brings to the table unique experiences and relationships that make us an asset to your company. We are trained in seeing legislative trends as they begin to arise, and we will be there to head them off or help guide them in the way that best suites your needs. We are versatile and flexible, and if given the opportunity to assist you with your government affairs needs, you will be our priority.

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